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Subjects and Verbs

Think you understand subjects and verbs?

Enter the subject of each of the following sentences in the text box; then press "submit." If you make a mistake, reset and try again.

Pat hid the pretzels in the desk drawer.

David lugged the books from the mail room.

The coffee spilled all over his notebook.

Enter the complete verb in each of the following sentences.

The dog barked at the cat.

Jennie has been waiting for over three hours.

She is not working this afternoon.

Consider the following sentences, and then enter the subjects and verbs in each. If there is more than one subject or verb, separate each entry by a comma and a space. (Make certain that you enter them in the order they occur in the sentence.)

The angry men and women stormed into the governor's office.



The students and their teacher packed up their books, left the building, and walked to the park.


So how did you do? Use your incorrect responses to guide you through another review.

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