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Self-Test: prepositional phrases

Think you understand prepositional phrases?

Use the text box to enter the prepositional phrase(s) you find in each of the ten sentences below. If there is more than one, separate each entry by a comma and a space. (Make certain that you enter the phrases in the order they occur in the sentence and that you have typed each one correctly.)

1. Upon my arrival, I was whisked into a secret chamber.

2. I can't complete the report without the information.

3. Who says you can go around the world in eighty days?

4. Come into the garden with me.

5. She wanted to go to the movies.

6. The girl from Pampa left her purse in the writing lab.

7. The stories in that book were translated by my professor.

8. She was looking for a man with money.

9. That picture behind my desk used to hang in the bedroom.

10. With a gleam in his eye, Big Dog snatched the pork chop.

So how did you do? Use your incorrect responses to guide you through another review.

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