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Self-Test: agr(p-a)

Think you understand the agreement of pronouns and antecedents?

1. Select the correct sentence from the choices below; then press "submit." If you make a wrong choice, reset and try again.
One of the students must give their oral report tomorrow.
One of the students must give his oral report tomorrow.

Everybody was hoping to have his lottery number picked.
Everybody was hoping to have their lottery number picked.

If anyone doesn't like the music I'm playing, they can go somewhere else.
If anyone doesn't like the music I'm playing, he or she can go somewhere else.

2. For the following sentences, enter the correct choice in the text box and press "submit."

Each member of the committee must sumit (their, his) response in writing.

Neither of the girls knew that (her, their) teacher had seen the police report.
Either of the boys may take (his, their) seat in the front of the room.
3. Select all the correct sentences.
One of my friends must bring their tapes to the party.
Everyone should take his work seriously.
Since it was cold and windy, the boys had to wear his caps.
Sara and Jen had to finish their homework before they could go to the movies.
In the first-day confusion, neither of the teachers could find his classroom.

So how did you do? Use your incorrect responses to guide you through another review.

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